Thursday, September 11, 2008

Oh Anakku Sayang

Hmmm yesterday (or was it d day before) I came across 'middle child syndrome' in Hjh Esah'blog.

I am a middle child but my 'approached' was kinda different than of Mak Aji. I was so 'hungry' for attention from my parents.Trying hard to get every attention from them.U see I was their baby daughter for a loooong years until that mischievous creature came into our life.

And all my aunts and uncle acted like tak sekolah punya worang dok la nyakat2 I. Said something stupid like my mom & abah would not sayang me anymore since they had a baby boy (ptuihh).

Ended up I got blue (or was green ahhh?) with jealousy at that timid little baby boy. I even one day picit his nose and pulled his ears on the other day. When he cried ahhhh satisfaction of the highest rank ( Abi, if you read this I'm soooo sorry k, it wasnt me it was the devil who whispered in my ears to do that awfull things I did ha ha)

That went on and on. I gave a hard time to my parents as well as to our maids. Mind u, I 'd suceeded in making 3 maids quit woooo was I a difficult child or not. Malas la mau detailed apa gua sudah bikin but quite devilish la.So if my kids would one day read this stuff, there goes my 'The best Mom of the year' award.

Sadly, nobody understood how I felt. Boy, it was heart wrenching experiences tau. I felt so lonely since my both left and right neighbours were menopaused, expired chinese aunties....Nak kawan ngan sapa? But THANK GOD i dont really resorted to imaginary friend what soever. Nevertheless, I like to act in front of the mirror, rummaging thru my mom clothes (one reason why our maid nangis her heart out every day he he). I missed my mom & dad especially when I need to go to afternoon session and both my parents were teaching in the morning. Sooo, I always made up sickness la, excuses to be absent from school, (having done this I managed to rule out that headache and stomach ache are the best ailments since the GPs could not really find out what's wrong with me ahakkkk)Reason being, I could have a longer time with my mom & dad. If not, by the time I got back from school it was already late evening.

However, there was one incident which made a huge turning point in my life, from cruella de ville twin sister I transformed into a divine one. My dearest brother had a fit. Luckily , I didnt go to school (cant remember my excuse that time). I saw that helpless poor thing in his cott ..... still remember how I ran to my next door neighbour my aunty King (whom her jem tart was sinful) knocking like hell on her door. To sum up, I was rewarded the best sister ever by my parents. Apart from that, it made me realized how much I love my baby brother.

And now the cycle of life turned. My Tok used to say if your kids are naughty dont blame them . It is actually punishment from Allah, to let u insaf on your own behaviour when u were small. Well enuff said.

I am losing my mind with my second born argggghhhhhh.

to be continued