Monday, December 15, 2008

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Sowy babe, for the delay. Busy la lately.....Best gak main mende ni. Skrang aku ngantuk tahap Dewa Hindu. So it's time to play. Take it away.

1) Do you think you are HOT?

Hot Tempered , yes.

2) Upload a pic of u?

I am an undercover Federal Agent maaa. Tak bleh letak pic, dikhuatiri
musuh2 lama dan along2 mintak hutang

3) Why do you like this picture ?

Slalu nya pic yg aku rasa aku nampak cun la, but again not for public
viewing (ref to no. 2)

4) When was d last time you eat pizza?

Sometimes last month, after almost 1 hour of thinking and considering what
to eat. Coz aku tak ske sgt mende ni.

5) The last song u listen to?

Lagu Broery apatah tajuknye (laki aku nye CD ok)

6) What are u doing right now besides doing this.

Yawning as i am typing this (u c, if i am so busy i wouldnt do this k)

7) What name u prefer beside yours

Victoria but hack gila apa nak tukaq nama kapir kan. Bukan apa i am a
hopeless romantique person so that name for me sounds very classically

8) People to tag?

Mana ada sape laie selain korang la jugak, reverse balik la kat korang buleh
ke Mimi??????

Thursday, November 27, 2008


5 Years ago ......

Date : 23/11/2003

Time : 9.30 a.m

Location : Dr Tan's Room, STREND HOSPITAL

I was about 20kg heavier, my tummy was so big, no, huge I could'nt see my toes and what I was washing (?????????). My feet was swollen and whenever I walked it felt like my backside which is so damn enourmous was trying hard to catch up with my body. During my first pregnancy, i hated to see myself in the mirror. But this time around I would love to see my face all the time. Orang kata pembawakan anak perempuan gitu...

So, dressed up in the prettiest maternity outfit I had in my wardrobe with tons of make up, namely shocking pink lipstick, pinkish blusher so that I looked naturally blushed with mother's glow and traffic lights eye shadow, (please note that excessively disturbed behaviour was due to hormonal changes, and it was not permanent) we visit ed Dr Tan for my weekly check ups.

Aidilfitri was due in two days. While everybody was busy preparing for raya me and Kanda was stucked inside Dr' Tan's room and that gentleman doctor with my not so gentleman husband were tensed as they had given up in persuading me to agree with elective ceasarian.

I was cut when I gave birth to Aboy d great. So this time they said I could gave a normal vaginal birth a try. Of course I wanted to try and experience how such a living creature venture to life through that magnificent passage between my legs. But Doctor seemed very worried (of my safety as well as his 'contribution$' to the hospital ha ha). According to him I was risking my life and my baby's. Pandai sungguh doktor menggunakan threat untuk menakutkan patient. Upon hearing this, Kanda yang agak-agak setuju dengan keputusan I yang nak buat birth adventure tu terus tak jadi.

After a few episodes of " I think we should listen to the Doctor" and " Its my body, so I decide" the doctor and Kanda angkat bendera putih whilst I generously offered my million dollars smile to both of them. But, not just yet, another episode was about to come. Kena decide when was the Big Day for the delivery as I was very2 heavy and chances of me having a ceasarian was expected, I had the priviledge of choosing a birthdate for my baby. I said, kasi chance I raya dulu lah doc, since kanda belum sempat melaksanakan my wish yang berjela kat whish list tu. Agreed, so 27/11 was set.

From that day onwards, we hunted for all the items I was craving for in the whish list. Foods which would make my mother disowned me if I eat during confinement. So they were cheese cakes, watermelon red and yellow (in case I teringin plak later), secret recipe cheese cake and carrot cake, dadih eh no need. That one can eat during pantang time, ok, sambal tumis sotong, nasi kandar, penang char koey teow. And Kanda obliged lovingly.

Date : 25/11/2003

Location : No. 29 Taman Desa Jaya (rumah mok & aboh la tuh)

Raya tak hengat. Excessive consumption of ketupat and lemang until the term makan is to sopan to describe it but best defined as MELANTAK.Walaupun bukan nya nak sangat makan but need to takut nanti pantang time bercucuran air liur and that could be excused by saying takut kempunan, anak berjejeh air liur (excuse yang puaka).

Date 27/11/2003

Location : Strand Hospital

Time : 8.30 pagi

Pergilah I berjuang untuk melahirkan seorang insan yang didambakan sejak dulu. Teringat lagi when I found out that I was pregnant, I was really hoping that it would be a girl since we had a boy already. We were so tremendously happy, we couldnt stop laughing. And I remembered vividly how helpless we were when that Doctor R****i kat klinik buruk dia tu told us that she couldnt see the foetus inside the karung. And cold heartedly she went on telling it was too bad if in two weeks time the foetus was still not formed then it would be considered as misabortion. Luckily Kanda tidak percaya dengan kata-kata doktor itu yang menurutnya macam mak cik jual goreng pisang kat simpang rumah mak je, and her ultrasound machine looked so ancient. So Kanda brought me to Dr Fairuz of DEMC. Alhamdullillah, our little one was visible on her state of the art machinery unlike that Doc yang hampeh tu punya. Heartbeat and all, she was alive and kicking allright. (NOTE TO MYSELF : Better send a raya card to the Doc telling her to kiss her historical ultra sound gadget good bye, with the note "Dear Doc, Mesia dah ada angkasawan dah pun, u tak rasa ke nak buang monitor u yang antik tu buat tukun supaya kita tak perlu impot ikan dari Thailand, depa pun dok ada rusuhan la ni kan")
Anyway, after sessi cukur mencukur selesai, I was induced. And there I was, all set, waiting for the contraction. First Contraction came in at approximately 4pm. So I went jalan-jalan to stimulate it. We went to visit my Atuk kat wad at the other wing, (cucu cicit masuk spital ni isy isy). Baru sampai kat muka pintu, TERnampak Atuk sedang bermesra mesraan ngan his new waded wife ewwwww. Tidak mahu mengganggu mereka, we ols pun buat u-turn la to the nursery. Meninjau-ninjau anak orang since anak sendiri belum puas bercamping kat dalam perut maknye.
Tunggu punya tunggu, belum lagi sampai masa. Check dah 2 kali, kena jolok to check the dilation. Alamak Tuan, sakit ya amat. But still 2cm je....aku ingat macam dah barai dah. The pain came and went. At every contraction I would scream to Kanda "Talk to me"....and we talked. About everything and anything that could deviate my mind from the pain. Mostly on how anxious we were to see her, about piles of pretty pink gowns of all sizes we had bought for her, the baby coat, the stroller everything.
I went into the labour room at about 6.30pm. Good Lord the pain was so unbearable. Unfortunately, I was only 3cm dilated until 9pm. Dr Tan came in twice before and said he needed to go back for a while to shower and had his dinner. I was insane with pain that I told him, Doc please get my husband to tapau for you, just dont leave me here. At that point of time I dont mind not having Kanda beside me as long as the Doctor was there.He laughed. How dare. Men!! Kanda dah pucat lesi, (as usual lah).
At 10pm the contraction was sooo great for me to bear. To make matter worst, my baby's heartbeat reading couldn't be traced everytime I felt the pain. The midvives were worried and they called Dr Tan. He explained that the baby was struggling herself out from the birth canal but I was not fully dilated. Both of our life is at stake. I need to be operated. So he came to me and Kanda and said to me " So girl, enuff try ya. So have been working hard enuff. Just relax and let's do it. Dont feel bad coz u've tried"
I went " Ya ya whatever, get her out of me. Doc, I want him with me , pointing to Kanda. Kanda was , mmmmmmm " Yang, dont u think mama will do a better job than me, I kan takut darah?????" Oh ya he wasn't allowed in the OT last time.Tak guna pun coz I was on General Anesthetic.
Me " In that case why dont u ask my father, my atuk, nenek baru and the whole kanmpung masuk sekali???" I stormed. Dah tau aku ni sakit nak bersalin angkara dia lagi mau buat alasan.
I insisted, Kanda got no choice. Lagipun I opted for spinal block and I was gonna be conscious all the way thru.
10.15pm I was brought to the OT. I was greeted by the Anesthesiologist (mati la tak taw eja), " Tulah, kalau pagi tadi dah decide nak buat, by this time dah selesai dah boleh pi jogging dah " Amboi, mengundang amarah nampak Tn Dokter sorang ni.
Jarum dia ya rabbi, gajah pun malu tengok, besar gilaks. I was thinking, ni tak payah bius aku boleh pengsan sendiri tengok jarum tu. "Mak aihh dont tell me u guys want to poke me with that" Depa bantai gelak. Siuttt.
They need to pull the Mak Gajah yang dah helpless tak boleh bergerak ni in sitting position and poked that gigantic sryinge through my spine.....sejukkk je rasa sampai ke kaki. The Mid Wife nama Kenchana kau, baik ya amat terasa macam mak menakan sendiri. By that time the ubat went inside my veins the pain I was having constantly then was taken away and replace by a total discomfort on my belly.
The doc started it by 10.20pm, again I went "Wait""" He tepelanjat and held his incissor. ''Doc still can feel my leg. The ubat not yet jalan la"
He frowned " Try and move ur feet, can or not" "Heh heh cannot la.
"There, u ok already"...
So he started. I was shivering, not sure whether it was due to the air con or due to my fright. Kanda was holding my hands tight and repeatedly chanting Subhanallah. I felt the incission but minus the pain. It was just a sensation.
In just a jiffy, he pulled out the 'burden' that I carried with me for the whole 9 months. Good Lord macam alien lah. And she was handsomely well...... big for a girl.She cried the very moment she was brought to this world, wah kuatnya suara. Kanda was speechless and startled, me too. We peeped on her as the nurses cleaned and check her out. She screamed her heart out, probably feeling insecure as she was no more in the comfort of my belly.
When Kenchana brought her to us, I could feel my tears streaming down my cheek and as I wiped away tear drop from my arm, I realized they weren't mine alone, they were Kanda's as well. He kissed my forehead and thanked me for bringing the wonderful creature to this world. And there she was, the most beautiful baby girl i have ever seen, her eyes were so small and cheek o so chubby. And she was red all over, like a mongolian baby.I felt in love instantly with this little thing. The pain, the suffering, gone down the drain the moment I laid my eyes on her.
Dr Tan was saying, look at her, she is so big, 3.8kg how do you think she would come out normally"....
I held her tiny fingers, Kanda kissed her forehead. Our life has been perfected, Alhamdullillah. Thank You Allah.
To our beautiful little princess, one day I hope you will read this.
You, your sister and your brother are the best things that ever happened in our life. You were my biggest achievement.
You are 5 today. Gone was your small mongolian eyes but they are now big and beautiful with heavenly thick eye lashes to compliment them.....such a pretty little thing you are, so full of life and enthusiasm. Full of courage that I admired. Grow up darling, but not too fast as I still want to enjoy my sweet little princess.
When you smile, the heaven smiles with you.
Darling, although you would always accused mommy and daddy of loving u less
Although you had my car all creatively carved with your name all over it,
Although you had a bottle of peanut butter painted all over my bed room wall
Although you beautifully exhibit your art work on the wall
Mommy and Daddy will always love you from the day you were born until the day we die.
We love you as much ....Happy Birthday sayang, May Allah bless you always and May all your dreams come true.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Insiden-insiden siol sepanjang minggu

I am d queen of incident-incident bodoh yang paling ghaplah di muka bumi ini.That is the award given by Kanda to me.
Kejadian pertama
Last Monday di sebuah pasar raya Gergasi (bukan nama sebenar). While I was picking up some bananas , aku terasa macam ada something slip from my hand. I ignored it, ingat apatah. Rupa-rupanya itu gelang raya aku lah yang jenis ada biji2 macam beads tuh. The ring on which the golden beads was attached to , tu patah ( aku adalah wanita lemah lembut tapi ganas k??????) so berderai dan bertaburanlah biji-bijian emas tu ke lantai, di atas pisang-pisang dan di mana-mana saja.
Sooooo, seperti biasa, aku jerit lah pada Kanda yang sedang kyusyuk memilih bendi.
"Abanggggg tolonggggg""
'Pehal" ( muka panik macam cipan)
'Emas I jatuh" showing him my broken bracelet.
'U nih macam-macam hal lah'
And sebagai suami mithali Kanda turut sama mengutip biji biji emas itu. Dah tu datang seorang Apek yang menjalankan tanggungjawab beliau sebagai rakyat penyayang .
Dalam pada we ols terbongkok bongkoktuh, dia tanya 'Cari apa?"
'Cari emas la uncle"
'Ha??? Ada emas ka sini ??
'Ada la, ini macam,"
'oooo ok ok'
Best part, Apek tolong sama cari ha ha.
Tetiba, datang lagi sorang Insan yang baik hati. Mamat Bangla la plak.
Dah alang alang bawak penyapu and penyodok tu, I suruh la dia menyertai jugak operasi mencari dan menyelamat itu. Beriya dia cari, I tell u.
Aku pun rasa sungguh terharu melihat ketiga tiga lelaki itu yang berlainan bangsa, adat resam dan budaya bersusah payah kerana seorang wanita anggun sepertiku (puihhhh)
At last I got all 25 pieces of the golden beads back.Horrayyy.
Kejadian ke-2
Earlier this week, it was raining madly and it was time to go back. Kanda's car broke down for the umpteenth time (dasar kodokut nye laki). So for a few days ni, he need to send me to work.But that day, I decided to drive since he would always be late, tak kosser aku nak menunggu nye aihh. So, aku telah terlupa la part tu. There I was, sitting impatiently in this bilik kedap udara sejuk beku nih menunggu Kanda terchenta. Dah berpuluh kali call but his phone was switched off. Damn, mulalah la hangin sepoi sepoi bahasa jadi ribut taufan segala. Mula la fikiran-fikiran liar menguasai diriku ini. Mana pulak la laki ku ini menggatal nih.Tak boleh jadi nih, dalam hujan-hujan lebat nih tah tah dia pi dating and stranded tak boleh balik, so dia off hp.
I pun terus call la Offis mate dia (a.k.a very potential informer) Eh katanya Kanda dah lama turun. Aiikkkk menyirap darah mak.
Aku pun sungguh bengang dan bengkek. Terus aku mengambil keputusan untuk balik naik cab. While I was dialling the cab's number, my hp rang with an anonymous caller.
Di sayup sayup kedengaran
' Hello, u kat mana????
'What???? U tu kat mane? I dah meroyan dah tunggu u ni tau tak. Ohh u berpoya poya ngan pompuan mana tah lepas tu sampai tak ingat nak ambik bini????? Sampai hati u, U tau tak sume orang dah balik taw. Kalau I kena culik u suka la kan. Mesti u tak pedulik. Kalau u dah tak suka tu, cakap baik2 kat mak bapak i. Jangan buat I macam ni"
' Hallooooo Madam, u ni hilang akal ka pa, kan u yang bawak keta, u kan yang kena ambik I???? I sms tadi kan suruh tunggu kat bus stop, ni my hp battery kong. I dah lencun kat sini. Ni kena cari public phone lak nak kol u nih".
Opppppsssssss......sudah tukar ka????? Aku rasa nak je tetiba aku jawab the number u dialled is not in service, and then buat2 tak tau pasal insident tu kann.
Yelah aku bawak kereta, aku parking jauh sket hari tu sebab dah lambat, parking penuh. So the car was out of my sight. Some more the weather so blurry kan.
Wah sungguh besar dosaku pada Kanda....dah la bior dia tercipan kat bus stop tu, fitnah plak dia lagi. Takpa malam ni kena buat sessi bermaafan la plak he he

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Anugerah yang tak Semenggah

I can't help it but to write about ketidakpusan hati I with Anugerah Skrin the other day, although it might bit a delayed telecast.

1. Why is that Macam 2 Aznil has to be in the same Category as other Intellectual talk show??? What is so intellect about that show for crying out loud (not that I have anything against that man(?) lah kan. But if they really want it so much for him to win, why couldnt they have another category for talk show yang bertemakan hiburan or Talk Show Merapu and give 5 award altogether for him , in advance because surely he will win forever. It was such a disgrace to the Industry.

2. Why or why En Angkasawan Negara cum Tokey Restaurant has to be invited to present the award??? Oh, maybe because he has a connection with the outer space and saluran televisyen dipancarkan melalui satellite yang dipasang di outer space kan (paham??) So that was the connection, kenape aku tak perasan.

Or maybe, En Angkasawan ke-2 yang ada apa-apa dengan Pengacaranya malam tu and En Angkasawan ke-2 could'nt make it that nite so the burden was shifted to En Angkasawan No-1. Ya, sounds sensible.

3. Kenape Miss Farahdyiya tu suka sangat mendedahkan dahinya yang spacious tu kepada khalayak ramai??? Kenapa suka sangat ikat rambut cekang macam Mak Temah dalam pantang?? Sungguhlah tak jelita and afterall I think she looks like a man already, so boleh tak tutup sikit kelebihan tu???

I rest my case.

Friday, November 7, 2008

At hair's breadth

Have u ever in your precious life have a near to death experience? (paham kah??)

Well I did, encountered an incident that would have let me rested in peace ( or busy bersoal jawab ngan mungkar dan nangkir selama 6-7 tahun di atas dosa2 ku selama ini, ampunilah aku Ya Allah).

Maybe I have experienced it before but I could not recalled it other than this one time yang surely I will remember for the rest of my life.

It happened when we was vacationing in Krabi, Thailand, to be exact in one of the Island.

Well it happened somewhere here. Couldn't remember the name of the island as I tend to forget every unpleasant memories in my life anything related to them.

We were so happy then. Like the old saying "suka2 akibatnya duka". The water was heavenly crystal clear, you can see the fish and every underwater life inside it. The kids were exuberant. While we were busy feeding the fish, Aboy D Great went 'swimming' on his own. Guessed he was so excited as he can float due to the life jacket he was wearing.

He was drifting a little bit each time he paddled. Until he realized he was quite far from the rest of us and decided to scream for help. And Mommy the Great like a superwoman, dengan penuh rasa keibuan yang membuak buak, came to Aboy's rescue. Forgetting the fact that she couldn't swim an inch. Aboy then happy to see Mommy came while Kanda holding and managing Baby Bob & Diva. Little did I noticed that the water was so damn deep . The island was famous for its nature blessing, where you can really walk on the sand to two more islands nearby during low tide. Probably, during the 'swimming' attempt I made to save him, the water level was starting to rise.

Suddenly I realized that I was kinda frozen inside the water. Aboy was still holding my hands, but I dah tenggelam timbul. I swear I could see all the batu karang (yang mungkin dilindungi PERHILITAN Thailand) and pelbagai lagi species binatang di dalam laut everytime the tidal wave hit my face. Nasib baik aku tak nampak Arwah Nenek atau Tok Wan yang berenang ke arah aku dan menghulurkan tangan sambil berkata "come my child, follow me" (eh cakap omputeh ke Tok Wan??) Macam dalam cite apatah yang wife dia pergi beronggeng kat mane tah, pastu naik bas and the bus terbalik masuk laut, and the husband came to look for her with the belief that she was still alive. Surelah if that would have happened, kalau aku ikut memang Allahyarharmah lah aku jadinya Labu.

Back to the story, during that very situation, I sungguhlah terasa helpless and I don't really think of anything else but death. I can't think of anything actually as I was choking with salt water. From afar I saw Kanda holding my baby, and my little Diva was looking so anxiously at us. Didn't have the slightest idea of what was actually happening to me. Apa??? Taulah aku ni drama queen, tapi takkan lah time tu pun nak acting, agak2 lah.

Dan aku membayangkan had I die what would happened to my children, especially if Kanda kahwin lain..and that pompuan will probably dapat all my things, and and.....(sempat lagi tuh) aku tensentak NOOOO I can't die, not now, not today. I don't know how I get my situation under control, I remained calm and talk to Aboy, told him that I am drowning, please scream for help.

I gathered my strengh and also scream Tolong! Tolong! on top of my voice and Aboy did the same but he went "Help! Help! instead...yeah bijak anak aku, kan kita kat Thailand, dalam group tour tu hanya ada Siam, mat saleh, sorang dua Jopun and Korean. Mana la depa paham kan. Tah tah dia ingat we ols tengah menari macarena or berlatih syncronize swimming for the olympic la plak.

Aku terpandang pada Kanda, dia speechless. Terlupa la aku betapa laki ku ini memang fail bab2 kecemasan ni. If ever he becomed a doctor, keja lak ER unit, mesti kena buang keja punya sebab asyik pengsan terkejut. Aku nampak dia 'keras' kat situ. Oiii bang, at least u could do is scream la for help, I know he was holding Baby Bob and looking after Little Diva but, malas lah nak layan.

So we ols mintak tolong la kat orang lain. Then I saw 2 mat salleh came over and 2 mamat siam also. So aku pasrah membiarkan diriku dilambung ombak, sebab ada heroes on the way. I just let it go. One of the Mat salleh came and took Aboy away. The other one helped me, pulled me to a safer spot where my feet could feel the sand underneath. Tapi tak berjaya, maybe aku dah agak lemah menongkah arus, I still couldn't move so I felt that mamat siam's hand holding me, supported me from behind. But.....aiyoh why his face look like my bro in law awwwwww that made me came back to my senses. Mula2 terkejut boruk gak, adakah aku dah berada di alam barzakh ? Kenapa abang ipar aku lak ada kat sini nih....tak la pelanduk je 2 serupa.

Aku pun bangun berjalan dengan macho, eventhough mula2 nak gak purak2 pingsan sebab maluuuuuuuuu. Dah la mek mek salleh tu tak abiss dok tanya are u alright? R u ok??? Oi dah la wei aku malu nih.

Ya Allah, terasa mati hidup semula. Syukur yang teramat sangat kerana Allah memberi aku peluang kedua untuk hidup setelah merasa ambang maut. That is the real meaning or 'Horror' u know.

Balik ke hotel I sujud syukur. But tetiba (maybe due to pms) I meletup kat Kanda for not doing anything. I accused him of not caring and not loving me and just stood there watching me die. Abislah ayaq mata bercucuran bagai. Kan dah kata aku ni Drama Queen kan. Incident biasa lah tu, My kids dah terlalu used to that kind of drama, depa tak teruja pun. Bantai gelak lagi, sambil bisik2 and continued tengok movie. Ciss at least bagi la sokongan emosi kan, supaya adengan itu menjadi lebih emo. Kanda dengan muka yang sungguh serius berkata 'U tau ka apa dalam hati i???" Wei memang la tak taw, bukan ada sari kata. He went on saying he was stunned and panicked, dia startled. Tak taw nak wat apa (lagu tu rupenye laki aku panik yee) Then I ingat, masa Aboy hilang kat Giant, macam tu gak, dia macam Badut pencen dok terkedu kat one spot and muka pucat gila babi...Aku yang tersohor dengan emo yang terlampau ni plak terkedu tengok dia terkedu. At last aku yang pi cari since dia dah keras kat situ.

Actually, i understand his situation, He had 2 kids with him at that time, tak kanlah nak campak je derang and datang padaku Kanda datang! Kanda Datang kan. Tapi tulah, actually aku emo sebab aku rasa aku dah hampir nak mati, and that scared the hell out of me and seperti biasa cara aku meluahkan perasaan ialah melalui pengzahiran emosi yang terover and biasanya jugak pada Kanda lah sebab dia laki aku, kan for better for worst katanya.

Anyway, itulah cerita pengalaman pahit hidupku (macam karangan yang Aboy tulis bertajuk 'Pengalaman Cuti Sekolah' well it should be entitled Pengalaman Lemas bersama Ibuku" ha ha).

Aku masih trauma ngan peristiwa itu. I still have nightmares about it. I would cry in my sleep every time I dreamt of it and that would always made Kanda terjaga (amazing) and pulled me back in his arm. Guess Kanda is also feeling the same way. But he is the type yang kayu (emotionless) yang ko tak taw ini orang kah atau orang-orang. So u wont know what on his mind. I knew he care when he made a stern point that no more sea or beach vacation for us until we ols (including aku ayokkk) passed our swimming lessons with flying colours and endorsed by Persatuan Penyelam2 Laut Dalam, Jabatan Perikanan, Polis Marine, Persatuan Nelayan Pencen dan Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia. ****Sigh ***** there goes my dream on Muritius and Maldives.....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Kenangan itu.....

Anakku yang hebat, tak makan saman......
Its 4.31 pm and as usual I've spent 50% of my working hours to literary WORK!!!! since I am not that wannabe d next junior patner like 'some people', I better quit simply for 2 reasons, namely 1. I will choked to death for work overdose and phone calls. 2.Beringat untuk hari esok, kalau dah today aku habiskan sume keja sok nak buat ape plak...furthermore bila lagi nak membuli budak2 ni. Buat la kerahan tenaga sikit daripada they ols belonggok dok gossip pasal celebrity bercerai la apa bagai, baik la aku kasi kerja sket and aku berblogging tak hengat ha ha ha, puas la they ols kutuk aku noks, nampak cam busy wat opinion padahal ......(muka kena serious la time ni walaupun tgh score 14,0000 di fantasy tetris). Dah plak korum they ols tak cukup sebab sorang Kak Nam dah pergi berhoney moon di Bali puloknya.

Dalam pada sibuk membuli, tetiba je terdengar di kejauhan lagu 'Winter Sonata tuh tapi versi saduran si Hazami le. Terkesima la aku sebentar kekdahnya kerana aku terlalu la chenta kepada lagu itu taw. But I like it more in Korean (tah betul tah tak si Hazami tu wat lyric. kalo dia tipu pun bukan nye orang taw). Nak plak di luar hujan mencurah-curah. Wah, apalagi aku pun memejamkan mata dan membayangkan salji turun gituew....
Lagu ini dan Korea mempunyai sejarahnya dalam hidup ku dan kawan2 ku ahak ahak. It really brings back memories when ever I listened to it. A few years ago, we had a chance to listen to this Song in its birthplace and Korea was snowing heavenly at that time ( walaupun sejuk sampai aku nangis nak balik).
Memang seronok tak hengat masa tuh, eventhough terpaksa makan kuah siput babi (ewwwww) and ikan todak yang dibiliskan (?). Tapi terima kasih yang tidak terhingga pada Akak Doraemon yang membawa bersama beg ajaibnya yang penuh berisi makanan.
Tetapi, kerana kakak Doraemon and Adiknya yang Diva tuh (Diva cacaT)(tu blum masuk bab adik ipar akak Doraemon si Patung Cendana sepet lagi tuh) jugalah maka kami terstranded kat sana Dah la semua duit2 won telah kuabiskan untuk membeli gambar2 candid si Ultraman Korea (yg ensem macam Ikan Emas berbonggol ) tu. Mungkin dah jadi photographer tersohor lah si Leo tu rasanya dan pastinya kaya sebab pandai paw orang di sebalik senyuman nya yang innocent ala jejaka Korea yang pemalu (tapi kencing tepi jalan).
Sungguh lah bijak bestari dua orang adik beradik yang jelita ituew (hu hu hu) kerana gagal mengconfirmkan tiket2 we ols. Tak gelabah gaban ke bila mana setelah pelbagai bentuk posing maut telah digayakan demi memenuhkan memory card camera, daripada posing pegang public phone sampailah kepada bergambar bersama mak cik cleaner di airport tuh, tetiba disahkan ada sepuak termasuk lah aku tak dok tiket nak balik M'sia noks. Tak meraung masing2 (mcm la kena tinggal kat Iraq).
Wajah wajah confident, gembira nak balik tapi tak jadi balik waaaaaaa

Abisss, adakah kekdahnya we ols ni just pergi antar puak2 puaka tuh balik je ke???? Kena lah check in balik untuk 2 more nites. Nasib baik Akak Doremon insaf dan memohon maap berkali-kali walaupun adiknya si Diva Cacat tu dah blahh dgn penuh kekwatnya. As a token of apology (or was it as a bribe supaya we ols tak ngadu kat Uncle Yut, kalau tak abisslah biznes Kakak Doremon) kakak Doremon kasi duit belanja. Sadis sungguh aku rasa. Mana taknya aku hanya ada RM50, syiling won and my Amex je (nyawaku) . D great lagi la teruk, credit card pun tak bawak.....apa nak soru, tak kanlah nak beli donut 3 bij pakai Amex kot...

Maka berkongsilah kami beramai ramai, menangisi nasib, lagi sedeyyy sebab tak dapat kutuk Kakak Doremon dan kaum kerabatnya sebab dia ada kat situ gak wuaaaahhhhh. Nasib lah baik, bekalan bahan mentah yang dibawa masih berbaki berpikul2. Dan ada la plak periuk nasi letrik cinoni yg dibekalkan oleh ibuku yang mithali. Jadinya, seperti berada di khemah pelarian we ols masak la nasi dan lauk pauk di dalam periuk tu untuk dimakan beramai-ramai. Masa nilah muka2 masamkelat sume kuar sebab terpaksa berkawan ngan Super Duper Bitch Fiona , d alien from Jupiter (ex boss kekdahnya kita bleh kutuk ok).

Dipendekkan cite, we ols dapat la pulang ke Tanah Air setelah 3 hari berkelana kat situ. Azabnya dok Korea sebab makanan lah. Dah la plak D great tu perut Melayu Totok, itu tak makan itu tak lalu. Dah darurat camni pun banyak la songeh kalau bukan laki dah aku jotos kepala dia tu. Syukurlah anak bertuah aku bukan anak bapak, sumenye bedal.

Dan ketika lagu Winter Sonata berkumandang di corong radio (or was it TV) di bumi Korea ketika itu, kelihatan lah sekumpulan wanita - wanita jelita yang bengkak matanya teringat kat rumah yang dah seminggu ditinggalkan, masing masing berpelukan di atas katil, sejuk dan sedih.Di luar salji masih lebat...........

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I have lost a few friends , along life for many reasons. It might have been because of my own stupidity and recklessness and sometimes it just happened.

I 've lost a friend once because of my insensitivity. It happened when you are tree somes. One might have felt left away. Maybe I was paying too much attention to one until the other one kecik hati. When I realized it, It was too damn late, the hurt she felt was unbearable, even thousands of apology I have offered could not undo her pain...It was such a regret, one of the biggest mistake I have ever made in my entire life, loosing a dear friend like that. I tried to rekindle, catching up with her, but I guess we both have changed. But deep inside I know she still cares for me and so do I . I seldom regret, things happened the way it supposed to be. It is Him who has the final say. But as for this one, I understand the truest meaning of regret.

And there are times when I am happy to loose a friend, although it might have sounded pretty mean. I lost this super duper bitch friend whom I once regarded as 'best friend'. Sadly, she failed or too dumb to understand what best friend suppose to be like. Of course there are no best friends rituals or rulings to be followed but obvioulsly it is not shooting your best friend on the back. I was naive to have the thoughts that my best pal would share my sorrow during my gloomy days or at least be a shoulder for me to cry on ( like I did for her, offering my shoulder, my money, my home to her comfort, sialan). Every sad story, every secret I confided to her had been told and retold to hundreds of others but of course to my dismay, cerita2 itu telah digubah dan ditokok tambah dengan sesedap rasa tak hengat. Sehingga aku terasa seperti Fasha Sandha yang penuh kontroversi itu. Until me myself was so amazed with the 'story' of me, sampaikan ku terlupa cerita akukah itu, fuyoooh. Sungguhlah perempuan itu berbakat menjadi penulis skrip.I would have suggested that she go and mintak kerja with Apek David Teoh tu, but I am soooooo not talking to her ever again. Eventhough di dalam dunia ini hanya tinggal aku,. dia dan Tenuk, haruslah aku hanya akan bercakap dengan tenuk itu adanya. Mynn, over to you.

That is what I call a total betrayal (although aku telah merasakan total betrayal part 2, well that is a different story, different entry, well not until I am strong enough to blog about it anyway). This time aku regret gak, but not regret of losing her but regret ever knowing her. Doesnt old friendship means anything to her? What is she anyway, manusiakah atau mangkuk hayunkah atau beruk?????
I 've known her since kindy days. I always thoght she was shallow but its ok rather than BANGANG.She kills I tell U. To sum up, I think of her as cannibal, why? Habiss kan memfitnah tu kan dosanya sama macam membunuh and mengumpat tu macam memakan daging saudara sendiri. Harus banyak lah daging2 aku yang dia dah makan. Nahh meh sini aku makan daging ko plak.

And there are some langau and lalats yang tidak tahu species asal nya dari mana dan telah bermutasi menjadi manusia and tetiba je jadi bes fren. Tetiba as if she knows everything about me, memfitnah aku kat kat Prof feberet aku. Celaka punya mamak. (tidaklah aku have any grudges over mamak, aku pun suka makan nasi kandar apa). Sampai mati pun aku tidak akan mengampunkan dosa kau. Nak je aku sumpah muka anak dia (kalau boleh beranaklah kan) sok ada macam aku so dia akan ingat dosa dia kat aku selama dia idup, tapi itu bermakna aku turut berdoa agar anak dia lawa macam Jessica Alba, (ehem) , terpaksa la aku kensel.So kepada minah kengkang itu, just because aku ni over secretive to you, tak bermakna la aku ni jahat, that simply means I HATED U and we would never be friends, kat atas muka bumi ni or kat akhirat pun, never.

And recently I lost a friend due to her own foolishness. This case aku malas nak komen. A rather interesting case study for any calon doktor mental though. But I have no interest. Ini kes kaduk naik junjung yang lupa daratan. Masa susah, kau lah ratu, kaulah raja kaulah intan berlian segala, walaupun aku tolong tapau lunch aje. Bila dah kaya(p) kekwat tak hengat. In short I think it is a stage of mental illness.Boleh jalan. Kenapa lah aku banyak jumpa orang gila ????????

Friday, October 17, 2008


The very first time in my life I am inside a cyber cafe? Doing what? Keeping Mamat Poyo hak milik kekal ku ini la. Since our internet reception was like shit, and my love machine ni need to buy ticket from that tambang murah airlines ( did I mentioned he is a travel agent in the making uwekkkk, well at least this is the only work in the world that would satisfy him other than being a Diplomat in Switzerland, if his application to naik pangkat is turned down, one hell of an optimist brat I tell you) we need to to come to this so called 'in demand' cyber cafe this side of the country.
Well apa la yang kulihat, luckily tak do la cik kak cik kak . Sume cik2 abang je.Its good sign, since this town is full of those 'bohsia from that one Uni yg very d famous la kat sini, yang kengkonon institusi untuk orang melayu saje sampai marah la nak mampus siap berarak lagi bila ada orang besar yang cakap nak open the door to non malays, padahal dapat RM50 kot macam la aku tak taw......
Tapi cik abang cik abang ni yang muda belia, harapan bangsa....Now I know why the percentage of Malay boys kat University is very degradig each year. Yang ada harapan sket can enter into 'that top uni' tu pun come and lepak here playing computer games. If only after one session of each game would increase their intelligence by at least 3% then Malaysia will be blessed with tons of Malay geniuses cam Dr Irfan yang kaya raya and very the cute mute tu he he.
Tu yang dok sini consist of 20% of them I reckon, another 30% dah mati katak lepas merempit kat high way nun, another 30% dah mampos hisap dadah and there you go the balance tulah belia-belia yang gigih berjuang kat IPT tuh.
Tolonglah, tu belum yang dok pulun terbeliak kat web site porno lagi tuh. Please la some body gives a wake up call to this Belia la...Brader President of MBM, tak yah la bertanding masuk politik, buat la gerak gempur. Apalah yang akan terjadi pada anak bangsaku ini, melepak dan berfoya-foya tak hengat ketika belia2 Hindu dah establish HINDRAF kat satu dunia .....

Thursday, October 16, 2008


If there is an award for the most 'silliest' radio commercial, and I were the jury, I would definately choose the one of Kementerian Pelajaran featuring Faez Khaled theAngkasawan, wa ha ha. Inter alia:-

" Wah abg ni mejar faez khaled kan angkasawan negara tu, ceritalah sikit macam mana nak jadi macam abang."

"Abang tak penah ponteng sekolah"

"Oh ye ke , saya mintak diri dululah, dah lambat masuk kelas ni"

Waha ahaa very d kelakar, nape budak yg ponteng sekolah tu macam baca skrip kat buku teks je.Lawaks tahap cipan. I bet Abg Hisham ensem tak penah dengar iklan ni kat radio Era or Hot FM.

Sape le yg approve kan iklan ni, puak puak PR kat Kementerian Pelajaran ke? Kena tukar la ini orang, kureng kualiti...or maybe budget rendah nye pasal kot, kan minyak naik ari tu eh?

Tak pe memandangkan minyak dah turun buat lah iklan yang lebih bermutu sket, benci aku dengar...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Oh Anakku Sayang

Hmmm yesterday (or was it d day before) I came across 'middle child syndrome' in Hjh Esah'blog.

I am a middle child but my 'approached' was kinda different than of Mak Aji. I was so 'hungry' for attention from my parents.Trying hard to get every attention from them.U see I was their baby daughter for a loooong years until that mischievous creature came into our life.

And all my aunts and uncle acted like tak sekolah punya worang dok la nyakat2 I. Said something stupid like my mom & abah would not sayang me anymore since they had a baby boy (ptuihh).

Ended up I got blue (or was green ahhh?) with jealousy at that timid little baby boy. I even one day picit his nose and pulled his ears on the other day. When he cried ahhhh satisfaction of the highest rank ( Abi, if you read this I'm soooo sorry k, it wasnt me it was the devil who whispered in my ears to do that awfull things I did ha ha)

That went on and on. I gave a hard time to my parents as well as to our maids. Mind u, I 'd suceeded in making 3 maids quit woooo was I a difficult child or not. Malas la mau detailed apa gua sudah bikin but quite devilish la.So if my kids would one day read this stuff, there goes my 'The best Mom of the year' award.

Sadly, nobody understood how I felt. Boy, it was heart wrenching experiences tau. I felt so lonely since my both left and right neighbours were menopaused, expired chinese aunties....Nak kawan ngan sapa? But THANK GOD i dont really resorted to imaginary friend what soever. Nevertheless, I like to act in front of the mirror, rummaging thru my mom clothes (one reason why our maid nangis her heart out every day he he). I missed my mom & dad especially when I need to go to afternoon session and both my parents were teaching in the morning. Sooo, I always made up sickness la, excuses to be absent from school, (having done this I managed to rule out that headache and stomach ache are the best ailments since the GPs could not really find out what's wrong with me ahakkkk)Reason being, I could have a longer time with my mom & dad. If not, by the time I got back from school it was already late evening.

However, there was one incident which made a huge turning point in my life, from cruella de ville twin sister I transformed into a divine one. My dearest brother had a fit. Luckily , I didnt go to school (cant remember my excuse that time). I saw that helpless poor thing in his cott ..... still remember how I ran to my next door neighbour my aunty King (whom her jem tart was sinful) knocking like hell on her door. To sum up, I was rewarded the best sister ever by my parents. Apart from that, it made me realized how much I love my baby brother.

And now the cycle of life turned. My Tok used to say if your kids are naughty dont blame them . It is actually punishment from Allah, to let u insaf on your own behaviour when u were small. Well enuff said.

I am losing my mind with my second born argggghhhhhh.

to be continued

Thursday, August 28, 2008

No, No, dont leave your kids in the car

Somehow or rather, i got pissed off with parents who leave their kids in the car to go off for their errands. Oh please...

I encountered an incident 2-3 weeks ago. I went for our routine "once a week nasi lemak breakfast' with my husband after our adventureous cycling exercise. While my hubby was paying, I went outside and saw a car with 2 kids inside. Two boys around 4 and 1 plus of age. Their mom/dad was not in the scene.

Mak depa sungguh bijak bestari bukak a little peep of the wind screen kat belakang. Maybe untuk pengudaraan anak2 dia la kot. But the elder boy dah keluarkan kepala dia ikut windscreen tu and his head got stucked in between.

I was frantic (like usual lah). So I try to 'save' him. Tolak kepala dia masuk dalam. The baby dah melompat-lompat and macam nak jatuh ke bawah. So,I talked to them make them sit still while Mommy was taking her own sweet time buying breakfast.

Then came a lady, terus masuk dalam keta without buying anything. I assumed must be their mother la. And I walked away. Maybe she saw me talking to her kids and MAYBE she thought I was going to kidnap them (ha ha ha).

Anyway, glad that I made her showed up. Kids security need to be our utmost priority. Bads,unbelievable things could happen anywhere, anytime. I 'm calling all mothers reading this post, if u see any possible unfortunate scene, please try to prevent it from happening. Use our motherly sense as our male counterpart don't really have it.So can't count on them.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bila tiba masa tu........

Is it common to have symptoms like these :-

- feels like my head is about to explode
- throbing pain in my boobs, feels like taking them off for a while
- unbearable back pain

- everything piss me off i mean almost everything literally....
- i would eat my kids for heaven sake especially when they scream
- i would have leave my husband the instance he nag me for not swtiching off the air cond
- i would fire my maid for being pekak


- bloated, bloated, bloated
- oh how i hate pre mensTRUAL syndrome.........

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Minyak naik lagi....again

Semalam Pak Lah dengan tabah dan muka selenga mengumumkan minyak naik lagi. Dgn penuh confident yo yo oh cakap kalau nak dibandingkan dengan Singapore kita jauh lebih murah...porrahh Singapore tu negara Pengeluar minyak ye? Ada ke so called GLC macam PETRONAS kat sana?

Sebelum ni...dibandingkan dengan Indon, Singapore and Thailand? Now, only Singapore meh? Why? Because our price now is higher than Indon and Thailand.

And he goes on saying, dont compare with Brunei, Brunei is special....plakkk.

Sape yg terkesan sekali dengan kenaikan? Tentulah rakyat especially yang low income. Berbaloi ke bagi rebate RM600 lebih setahun, cukup ke tu? Pak Menteri yang berdegar degar cakap "its inevitable, kita terpaksa tunduk dengan harga minyak dunia", tu tahu ke kesengsaraan hidup rakyat? He was appointed to his post mind you, not elected by the people ( I seriously think Pak Lah should be more sensitive and rational bila bagi jawatan pada Menteri Kabinet.

Minyak naik bermakna satu catalyst untuk harga barang lain akan turut naik. Adat urban kat Malaysia ni memang macam itulah ...

Dan sejurus pengumuman dibuat oleh Perdana Menteri kita yang tercinta, yang tak kisah that that announcement would definately membuatkan popularity dia yang hanya ada sisa-sisa tu makin berkurangan, maka rakyat jelata pun ( termasuk lah diriku ini ha ha) bergegas memenuhkan tangki minyak.

Menarik sungguh situasi ini, setiap petrol station dibanjiri manusia sampai berlengas lah ketiak Bangla-bangla . Berhemat sungguh rakyat Malaysia. Taat setia kepada Pemimpin. Kalau lah Indonesia yang umumkan minyak naik mesti rusuhan lah kat Jakarta.

But then again...kita nak buat apa? Kite boleh ke buat apa-apa? Terserah kitalah. Kalau kita redha, boleh jadi satu hikmah untuk merapatkan ukhuwah.
For instance, kalau sebelum ni suami bawak kereta dia and wife drives her own, why not esok pergi keje sama.? Boleh sembang2, catch up berita terkini pasal diri masing-masing and anak2. Maklumlah orang lelaki ni ingatan lemah, cuba check tah-tah anak dia dah berapa orang pun dia lupa kot. So this the time nak rekindle your relationship yang suam-suam kuku.Lagi bagus, goreng cekodok dulu, makan sama-sama dalam kereta. Kan ke romantika d amour tu namanya. Save lagi...Kalau minum kat luar kurang-kurang 2 orang RM10. Belum masuk kes belanja kawan2 lagi. Maklumkan suami kita kan pemurah orangnya.

Bagi yang belum kahwin, boleh car pool ngan kawan2. Kalau sebelum ni buat hal masing- masing, nilah masanya nak tau kawan tu ada tak adik ke abang yang cun, boleh dikenen.

Looking at a wider scnenario, i remember a saying " Politicians are like dirty diapers, they need to be changed and..often'. So, time to change? Fikir-fikirkanlah

Hi world.....


Check out what's this all about.Oh, I am just a humble new comer trying to blog coz i need to get all the thoughts out of my mind.

Ini bukan blog politik, bukan juga blog kutukan tapi blog realiti sebuah kehidupan seorang perempuan yang bergelar isteri, ibu and trying so hard to give the best.

A career woman whom got stuck between a notion of building a happy family and establishing a good career. Menakutkan......tapi itulah realiti for the most women in the world at present.