Monday, December 15, 2008

Tagged by Mimi

Sowy babe, for the delay. Busy la lately.....Best gak main mende ni. Skrang aku ngantuk tahap Dewa Hindu. So it's time to play. Take it away.

1) Do you think you are HOT?

Hot Tempered , yes.

2) Upload a pic of u?

I am an undercover Federal Agent maaa. Tak bleh letak pic, dikhuatiri
musuh2 lama dan along2 mintak hutang

3) Why do you like this picture ?

Slalu nya pic yg aku rasa aku nampak cun la, but again not for public
viewing (ref to no. 2)

4) When was d last time you eat pizza?

Sometimes last month, after almost 1 hour of thinking and considering what
to eat. Coz aku tak ske sgt mende ni.

5) The last song u listen to?

Lagu Broery apatah tajuknye (laki aku nye CD ok)

6) What are u doing right now besides doing this.

Yawning as i am typing this (u c, if i am so busy i wouldnt do this k)

7) What name u prefer beside yours

Victoria but hack gila apa nak tukaq nama kapir kan. Bukan apa i am a
hopeless romantique person so that name for me sounds very classically

8) People to tag?

Mana ada sape laie selain korang la jugak, reverse balik la kat korang buleh
ke Mimi??????