Thursday, August 28, 2008

No, No, dont leave your kids in the car

Somehow or rather, i got pissed off with parents who leave their kids in the car to go off for their errands. Oh please...

I encountered an incident 2-3 weeks ago. I went for our routine "once a week nasi lemak breakfast' with my husband after our adventureous cycling exercise. While my hubby was paying, I went outside and saw a car with 2 kids inside. Two boys around 4 and 1 plus of age. Their mom/dad was not in the scene.

Mak depa sungguh bijak bestari bukak a little peep of the wind screen kat belakang. Maybe untuk pengudaraan anak2 dia la kot. But the elder boy dah keluarkan kepala dia ikut windscreen tu and his head got stucked in between.

I was frantic (like usual lah). So I try to 'save' him. Tolak kepala dia masuk dalam. The baby dah melompat-lompat and macam nak jatuh ke bawah. So,I talked to them make them sit still while Mommy was taking her own sweet time buying breakfast.

Then came a lady, terus masuk dalam keta without buying anything. I assumed must be their mother la. And I walked away. Maybe she saw me talking to her kids and MAYBE she thought I was going to kidnap them (ha ha ha).

Anyway, glad that I made her showed up. Kids security need to be our utmost priority. Bads,unbelievable things could happen anywhere, anytime. I 'm calling all mothers reading this post, if u see any possible unfortunate scene, please try to prevent it from happening. Use our motherly sense as our male counterpart don't really have it.So can't count on them.


lyana said...

kan byk kes budak mati kepanasan dlm kreta...not to forget org curi kreta, then curi dgn ank2 tu sekali...haaa meraung la sekuat hati...

Julie said...

Laa.. betul punya bijak bestari lah mak bebudak tu. Langsung tak tegur you ke?