Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Of Mawi's wedding cake

Dont get a wrong idea by the heading of this entry, its not about Mawi or his newly weded wife. They made a lovely couples though, so let them be.
I started this blog with one intention in mind, I need a medium to express my dispair, hatred or ill feelings to somebody or anybody whom I got the risk to meet everyday in my line of work.
Well, I might sound mentally ill for having so much hatred inside me, but the truth is ehem I am a nice person (although I can be very bitchy when I chose to be) so as a nice person (by force technically ) I must put on a smiling face in order to ensure prosperity to my boss. Its the rule of the thumb that if a boss is blessed with good business, employees will have their fair share of the good harvest, right. So I need to be nice to any person who is a potential wealth contributer to the office i.e client although I was dying inside with the urge to kill.
Maybe I am loosing my mind afterall, maybe its due to continous ceasarian section done on me, perhaps they have cut several important nerves which link to my brain or maybe I am the victim of global warming (????) or whatever, but I get annoyed pretty easily these days.
Dear readers, so please provide me with some diagnose with any possible brain disease that I might be suffering of, after reading this entry :-
Last 2 days, I was 'suppose' to have lunch with Kanda. Supposed here refer to an event which fails to serve its purpose lah. As I was waiting for my anticipated ABC zealeously, Kanda phone beeped, an sms. As he was reading it, he grinned and showed it to me.It was from one of his staff from other department. Let's name her PP (pompuan gedik) It reads :-
Salam. En ***, betulke nak sponsor kek untuk majlis kawen saya? Sy takut En *** main 2 je
Just imagined the look on my face, afterall I am the Queen of Emo uolzs, so do expect a criss crossed between maintain cun Erra Fazira style with a Gajah Naik Minyak expressionlah.
I asked him what its all about. According to him they were talking about Mawi's wedding cake over refreshment after a meeting last week. And PP was there helping to distribute some papers. She was 'so much anxious' talking about her wedding do tah bila tah and was so impressed with Mawi's cake. So Kanda pun jokingly said
Kanda : Pasal awak nak kek bentuk cadar ke tilam plak ke, nanti saya sponsor.....
And dont tell me clerks kat Government office are all so shallow that she really thought that Kanda was serious?? Ke she was prying for sympathy....Aku tak paham pompuan zaman sekarang.
So I took Kanda's phone and replied on his behalf
Bleh, boleh blah
And she even has a gutt to answer back
Cakap la betol2, sy serius ni
So kanda dah lost. Padan Muka dia. Gatal sangat.
Kanda : Manalah I tau dia ni bendul macam ni, aduss U lah settlekan. Jgn lebih2 sampai kasi malu I dah la.
Me???? #$%%@*&^
So I replied to her :- Takkan kek je kot, khemah pengantin, katering, tukang silat, tukang kipas mak andam awak tak nak ke?? Keta kuda? Helikopter???
Kanda : Ish u ni suke over, sinilah
He typed : Lawak je. Takkan la awak nak mintak kek macam Mawi gak kot
PP : Takde lah Encik. Tak payah lah besar sgt. Sy nak yang 3 tingkat kaler biru putih sebab tema saya biru
Nahh kau, punyalah tak malu anak sapa lah tu. Mind U, Kanda is not her immediate boss, but selalu dipinjamkan untuk buat kerja-kerja bodoh yang orang lain tak nak buat. I dont mind if the girl is his assistant ke apa kan. I heard dia pun menagih-nagih sponsor kat officer lain jugak without a stain of shame.
I told Kanda I rather keluarkan all my savings and donate to Palestinian Fund rather than to sponsor that pompuan gedik a wedding cake, by all means. I dare him to do that and prepare to be famous next day. Because he will surely be a front cover story in major newspapers should he do that. I will do something although I dont have anything yet in mind, but I will think of something.I always will.
And Kanda said I get over reacted and over sensitive on petty things. Pergi jahanam lah.
On my way back to the office, I sms PP , this time using my own phone. (sempat ambik nombor ok)
Me : Aii Dik , dah lari bajet ke beli baju pengantin sampai kek pun mintak sponsor
Yess I can be that scarcastic
PP : Tak lari pun. Kalau tak nak sponsor pun tak pe boleh beli sendiri
Me : Tulah yang terbaik sekali. Sendiri mau kawin sendiri beli k. Berbelanjalah ikut kemampuan. Artis je mintak sponsor ni kan
PP : Ok terima kaseh lah Encik ***.
Hahaha. Its true lah she is so shallow, she didnt even noticed that It was a different phone number. My number differ to Kanda's by one digit je.
Lantak lah, janji puas hati. One phrase best to describe me
Kite orang tak dak kacau orang tapi kalau orang kacau kiteorang, kiteorang makan orang.
Serves her right.....


Lyana Mauseth said...

gila la hg haha...elok la tu hg dgn abg lan plus the PP haha...aku kawin dan beranak pinak gak walaupun xdak wedding kek kan...

lenzaidi said...

Blog hop here.Notice your familiar entry.Have read some of your funny entries before and equally entertaining.
Personally its not the cake and sponsor that got it heaty ,its the the thought sending a msg by the clerk to your hubby (that had actually brewing you).
Never ever give a leeway or a platform for two unknown opposite sex because that will lead to many unforseen comings.Especially so our hubby and another gedik.
But i like your move ... You go Girl!

Naz said...

Adus! Perempuan tak malu gini memang ramai, dik oi! Good la u tak kasi muka langsung. It says a lot about you :)
Take care and have a nice weekend. Kalau ada sms lagi, sila benteras habis habisan!!! hehe

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

hmmmm...hmmmmmm..hmmmmm...I second Len's point..ada jugak orang suka gedik ni ye.

Cik Kiah Kidman said...

Amboi...! Bukan main lagi mintak sponsor kek kat laki kita kan????
Entah masa laki kita kawin dulu kek pun pak mak dia yg sponsor..harus jgn bagi dia sponsor utk org lain...kecuali anak2 yatim, palestine dan sewaktu dgnnya.

Cik Kiah Kidman said...

nak sambung lagi...not demanding is she?? kek 3 tingkat, jjjeeee???

Anonymous said...

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Distribute this comment to as many people as possible all over the world.

Desert Rose said...


U know me very well, my capabilities kan.....


Tq for dropping by... u r right. According to some research, office affairs usually started with a prolonged work hours between two opposite sex. So, prevention is better than cure lah kan. Kot jadi juga taulah dia I nye 'cure' method tu camane kan.

Kak Naz,

Tau tak pe, ramai sungguh PP kat M'sia ni zaman skrang Kak Naz, tak larat nak tepih (tak taula kalau tepih dpn kita je kan......)


Ramai....kite dulu suke gak gedik kan, tapi tak main la laki orang, apa kelesss, dah la barang second hand. Those gerls they got to appreciate themselves more la kan afterall laki orang ni kalau lembu pakai skirt pun dia tertawan kan.

Cik Kiah,

An honour 4 me to have u reading my junks.Tu lah Kak Kiah ada ke patut, jgn kata kek dia yg mak bapak dia sponsor, kek kite pun mak bapak kite yg sponsor tuh, ada hati nak mntk kat laki kite kan... 3 tingkat lak tu. Kalu betul nak sponsor I 'll make sure dia beli 20 tingkat k

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Desert Rose...Life is like peeling an onion, we peel the layers and sometimes we cry.
Life is a compromise of what your ego wants to do, what experience tells you to do, and what your nerves let you do.

Laugh when you can, apologise when you should and let go of what you can't change.
Play hard, forgive quickly, take chances, give everything and have no regrets.
Life;s too short to be anything but happy.

Live your life with no excuses, love with no regrets...

You keep well and have a great week, best regards, Lee.

Sis Dyna Rebutia said...

bila ang sebut Erra Fazira aku teringat cerita ang pasai ke'poyo'an da kat airpot aloq staq dolu...ya ya aja tutup muka ngan magazine..padahal xdak pun org tengok dia kalau dia tak tutup!da ingat aloq staq mcm KL gamaknya!

Desert Rose said...

Uncle Lee,

Tq very much for ur wonderful advise...its an honour to have u here

Sys Dina(mik),

Tu la pasai, dia tak tau org Aloq Setaq sume peminat Oprah Winfrey je

Sis Dyna Rebutia said...

keh keh keh!cepat wey masuk entry baru..tajuk chikugunya ka apa ka...huish!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Desert Rose...aha, saya da tau siapa your cousin, *wink*.
Have a nice day and keep well, best regards, Lee.

tireless mom said...

Dear Desert Rose

So funny. I will not let my husband come close to the Pompuan Gedik. I can imagine seurat seurat how she looked like.

Salt N Turmeric said...

Melampau budak tu but how did she get your hubby's cell no since he's not even her boss? Should have made an officially complain to her dept head. Who knows who else dia duk mintak sponsor kan? Itu boleh jadi rasuah pulak nanti.

Rebutia FCTeam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sis Dyna Rebutia said...

hmmm....actually,ada dua org cousin dia kat cni..satu sebelah mommy dia sorg lagi sebelah bapak dia..

Desert Rose said...

Uncle Lee,

We r Penangite, so being kepochi & cronism is our practice la haha..we have the whole clan here on bloggers

Tireless Mom,

That's d challenge we have to face since there sooo many "Sememeh Suhaiza" around nowadays

Salt & Tumeric,

Yelah government yg telus katanya kan so every officer punya cell no is not an OSA, sume org tau


Nanti aku wat kajian pasai cikugunya yg aku tau budak2 opis aku ni dah kena CIKUKUNYAH dah lama dah, sambil menaip sambil kunyah kacang