Sunday, July 18, 2010

Raden Galoh

Begitulah janji Allah, setiap yang hidup pasti akan merasai mati.

Salam Eja, thanx, akak x ok sis.

That was the last sms I received from her on 14th July. And I promised to go and visit her.

After Maghrib last night ,  tiba-tiba teringat sangat pada dia. I told my husband I want to see her one of these days. Sayu hati tiba-tiba, I recite the Quran and I didn't know why but I burst into tears all of a sudden.

This morning I came to know of her death.

Ya Allah, dari Mu dia datang kepadaMu dia kembali.

Kak D, as I fondly called her or Raden Galoh or Dalilah Tamrin has succumbed to cancer this morning.

Betapa bersyukur saya kepada Allah yang memberi kesempatan dan rahmat pada saya untuk mengenali seorang insan seindah dia.

The purest of heart, the kindest of soul, a real fighter, the most optimistic and positive person I ever known. She inspired people around her.

Learning of her story battling cancer, make me feel so ashamed of myself.
Betapa hebat dia diuju, tapi zikir dan tasbih tak pernah lekang dari ulas bibirnya, sedangkan saya menangis atas satu ujian yang maha kecil daripada Allah, rasa tak tertanggung walau hanya demam selsema, lupa kan Allah seketika bila kepala berdenyut.

Alpa pada hakikat bahawa ujian itu adalah tanda kasih sayang Allah pada hambaNya.

I've been to her blog for quite some time as a silence reader, admiring her courage. Not until my Abah was diagnosed with cancer, that I felt the urge to know her more.

I was lost since Abah was so put off by his sickness. I was so weak but yet I need to be his strengh.

Allah itu Ar Rahim, Dia temukan saya dengan dia. I borrowed a bit of her courage to support Abah. I lean unto her soothing words to mend my own broken heart.And i would always tell her stories to Abah, as to give him inspiration and I know that Abah was always so happy to hear the stories.

Walaupun kesempatan mengenali dia tidak lama, rasanya seolah berabad. She felt the same way about me. She even called me 'Adik', the only person who did that, and that felt so good coming from her.

I jokingly said , "Kak, maybe we were sister in the past life" hahaha (I know lawak tu adalah berbaur jahiliyyah, but forgive me, sometimes I can't control my words).

And I lost her today.......

Al Fatihah my beloved Kak D, bersemadilah dengan aman. Allah must have loved u so much, He ended your sufferings now.

He took you at the point of time where you are so loved and cherished by friends and families.

As u once said, your cancer is a blessing from Allah, had you not, you won't feel so close to Him, feel Him and love Him the way you loved Him.

And Kak, had U not "blessed" with the sickness, we might not had the chance to even meet a great person like U...

I love U Kak  D, as I told u always when I ended our conversation or sms, and U might indicates it as a mere cute gesture from me, but I meant it , from the bottom of my heart.


(And I cant bring my self to tell Abah about this yet)


knv said...

al-fatihah. i knew about this from Kak D sheffield punya blog - pause n reflect.

tak sangka hang kenai dia rapat.

tireless mom said...

al fatihah. love her too.

wardahputeh said...

Nini rasa baik tak payah bagitau..nanti wa boleh hilang semangat.

Sabaq na Kak Ija. Banyak sangat hikmah orang sakit ni. Allah ja Maha Mengetahui.

Alli said...

I just read your loving tribute to Raden. I started following her blog when she wrote a comment on mine while I was going through Chemo.

The loss of Raden is bittersweet and poignant. Some ask how can you know someone but never have met them? She had a kind loving nature. She loved her family well.
She cared about others so how could you not care back. I will miss her positive ways.

She was a friend on the other side of the Ocean. I will keep her in my memories.....