Friday, February 10, 2012

Why we have to be busy body?

Moms and moms to be , listen. No exception, if you are a woman, being young or old, you have to hear this. Because by right of nature you are capable of being a mother one day, regardless of you being liberated or having the Brangelina's theory of living- that the world is already full of children, why bother making more of them, just adopt one , or whatever.

And because its no use telling this to a man anyway.(yeay and this will be refuted by some chauvinist male, and like i care anyway)

Here it goes. With regard to our children, the rule is , we want the best and only the best for them. Good clothes, good food, good schools and we want them to have the best of education, the best of character. Ok, so your child is almost perfect, a model daughter, she's brilliant, she's well mannered, she's lovely having good grades . Good for you. But how can you protect her from the wild side of the world out there?

The corrupted peers, drug addicts, tv, internet, molester, rapist, and the list go on and on.

Would you want to home school your children and protect them within the four walls of your home equipped with the state of the art alarm system that Japanese ever invented? Will that ensure that your children are not getting influenced by those bad forces?

Would you want to make your children a social freakout introverts by not letting them socialising?

Why do our society is so corrupted morally , spiritually and even physically? Because the so called modernisation has been messing us up . As a result we become more and more kiasu. Lack of empathy, consciousness , spirituality, and humanity. 

We are not concern about others anymore like we used to, years ago, as long as ours is ok. We were thankful that our daughter does not do drugs, or got knock up in school or ran away from home like the girl next door. Is that the right attitude ?

Forgive me , for I might be wrong if I felt bad seeing school boys smoke. I might be wrong when I go and talk to them about it. I might look crazy if I approached and talk to a puppy lovers so crazy in love, and having too much Public Display of Affections,( and you got to look twice to see the boy's hands and the girl's face)  that its better to be a bit shy because we are civilised human being, and only animals mate for the eyes of spectators. (but you might want to look around and make sure its not a film scene first lah).

But I do not want to see that happening to my children, or the children of my siblings and friends. If I don't act mom to children of other mom's , would anybody want to do the same with my children? 

If you are under the doctrine of Human Right, possessing you like demons, than  be it. But does your human right's declaration stop more illegitimate children from being born everyday? Would that helps to prevent the increased numbers of rebellious children who doesn't respect their parents anymore? Would it cure the alarming numbers of drug addicts? At the end of the day, which one of this would you rate as important , to safeguard human right or sanctity of your off springs? Would you want to have a developed nation with a thoroughly corrupted society?

Its times to realize the vast differences between roles and rights. I suggest that we stop questioning our rights but just execute our roles. By doing our part and roles, we are fulfilling the right of others without us having realizing it. Hence, in order to ensure that everybody's right is protected, than everybody needs to play their own role.

Yes, most of it is by being a kepochi achi or aunty. Well its a lot better than being a kepochi gossip queen anyway, coz the former helps to build up a nation and the later might destroys it.


mamasita said...

Salam your posting!
Very dynamic and true!
Love you dearie!

SOHO Mama said...

Good one, dear. You are so right in "stop questioning our rights but just execute our roles." When I used to ferry my kids to and from school, I've had my small share of telling some kids about littering (main campak je sampah) and also once I went up to this 12yo boy who kicked a 7yo boy's (my son's classmate!) shoulder. I don't care if the older boy's parents came to me the next day..we don't need another gangster sekolah in the making.

Ezza Muffinbiru said...

adik manis..kasi translate cakap melayu boleh tak.....ampunnnn

MK said...

hmmm... susah kan.. tp kenyataan. mmg kadang2 rasa mcm nak pergi sekolah & duduk kat blkg kelas pun..hehe

knv said...

ye! sila translate ke BM. baru berapi2 sikit aku nak baca muahahahhah!

on a serious note, *sighhh* memang masalah bebudak sekarang ni. aku nak tegoq tapi aku takut, boleh??

tapi aku support sgt sesapa yang sudi nak tegur bebudak ni direct. kesian kat depa jugak actually, sebab the teguran should come from home. some parents just couldn't care less.

err.. tetiba aku stress!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi, I have 2 sons, both boys....and I brought them up the way my father brought me up....the good old fashion way, where the father is always right. Ha ha.
Best regards. Interesting post.