Thursday, May 13, 2010

Aunty Mary Elizabeth

There was an Indian lady named Mary (Elizabeth tu I saja tambah supaya ianya lemak berkrim).

I met her a few times during my chambering days, those dreaded - feel like jumping from the bridge- every day-and wish I'm dead - and went to straight to heaven days.

She was always loitering around the Klang Court Complex and Commuter Station.

Easily spotted and although far from being a sight for  sore eyes, she would always get a stare from people.

A fragile looking old lady in her 60's, she would be mistaken for an older version of Cyndy Lauper (despite the colour tone lah of course).

Wearing a  hair band with lots of rose buds on her short wavy white hair with  a little bit shades of auburn here and there, she used to carry her tote bag and plastics of God knows what's inside around klang town. Her blouses would always be a bright coloured, usually orange or red and paired with a contrast knee lenght skirt and not forgetting her long bright stokings, couldnt leave home without it.

Many at times, she was seen talking to herself babbling and murmuring something. Some would referred her as senile old woman.

I doubted that. There was nothing wrong with her I think, well maybe she had a weird sense of fashion. Beside that for me she was just a lonely old woman with lot of stories to tell, and she had a kind of thick British accent like Jaime Oliver (is that what u call cockney Esah??) She was no doubt, one classy babe.

Sometimes she was okay, friendly and easy. But sometimes she would be so grumpy and scolded every body around her.

Once,  she came to my office,my my. Terkezuttt mak. Whatever for lah that brought her there.

She gave a long lecture to one of my staff upon seeing her drinking air sirap. She said that air sirap contained some artificial colouring that may caused cancer and bla bla the sermont continued.

I must admit, I never had a pleasant thought about that woman before, but upon listening to her babbling about health , I changed  my perspective towards her. Mana ada orang gila cemtu kan, gila bayang mungkin la.

She went to see my senior clerk asking whether she could serve a summon against British Immigration for denying her an entry to London simply because they "dont see that she had a proper business" to go there. LOL. Maybe they were judging her look, or maybe she was imagining things, I dont know.

Then , I saw her at the commuter station. I just came back from Klang Court and going to Court Mammoth he he tak ler. My friend and I was on our way to the Bar Council in KL when she approached us.

She saw our files and suddenly freaked out saying that lawyers are liars. She continued cursing and we were like, oh mati la kita  kemaluan di situ because people were staring. And did I mentioned it was raining??? Oh tragis sekali bila dua orang gadis  (ke?) dimarah oleh seorang nenek yang berbaju merah, berskirt hijau, berstoking kuning dan berpayung ceti di dalam hujan renyai-renyaian.We couldnt go any where since it was raining and we had no umbrella.

Surprisingly, when the train came, she hurried us and insisted to memayungi kami berdua, ohwww baik la pulak nenek ni, tadi marah macam nak mak si tenggang nak menyumpah anaknya menjadi batu .

In the train, she sat behind us walaupun I berdoa supaya scene lecturing di luar tadi tidak diteruskan di dalam gerabak pulak.

We heard that she was talking to a group of Kelantanese chap whom were making fun of her. Kesian la plak.

Those boys were eating buah salak and she asked the name of the fruit. They said in pure Kelantanese English "This is buoh salak or sometimes we called ular sawo becos it look like ular sawo"

And they gave her some to try but she didnt liked it.

She got down somewhere soon but before that, she hand us a few cents, RM1 coins and a few more.

U wont believed it , she wanted us to donate the money to whatever fund to help nail the killer of Allahyarham Suzaily , a girl who was brutally raped and murdered by a bus driver tuh.

She was not just one classy babe, but she was good at heart too.

That was the last time I saw her. Soon after, I heard she was killed in a fire. She was alone in the house, trapped. And obviously she was living alone.

R.I.P Aunty Mary.


Kak Ezza@makcik blogger said...

Trajis betul cara kematian dia ni..

Kadang2 kita ingat kan orang macam ni ada penyakit mental...kita terus tuduh dia macam macam..sesekali dia bersuara...ambik ko...rupa nya dia lebih berilmu dari orang lain .

Kita tak kan jumpa orang macam Mary lagi....

Zaleha Khairene said...

sedih nya...sometimes we see/meet this colorful character who actually helped us view things differently

MK said...

wowww... mixed feeling towards auntie mary.


azieazah said...

Sungguh unik kisah dia... terharu pun ada gak.

undomesticwifey said...

:-)..moralnya..jangan pandang orang sebelah mata..lest it be pakai baju macam mana pon kannn...

ahkah Rose, sila amik la aina wat anak angkat... *tengok la tahan ke tak dengar dia melalak*

AuntieYan said...

Salam Rose,

Kalau tak silaplah, dulu (duluuuu may be 15yrs back)ada juga sorang 'Mary' ni...dia merayau-rayau area Jln. TAR...ada bunga bagai atas kepala dia & speking London almost all the time.Siankan nasib diorang macam ni...nak buat baik takut gak, jadi kita tengok sajalah gelagatnya.

Honey Lemon Hudson said...


I am also from Klang and used to see this aunty Mary walking every other day pass by my school, Convent Klang. I used to think why she must be from UK from the way she dressed up. Sad to know that she passed way.

Cik Kiah said...

Siap lagi tu bagi nama Elizabeth...

Lyana Mauseth said...

aku lebih prefer berkawan dgn org mcm aunty mary ni dr manusia yg nmpk normal tp berhati setan....sedih plak aku dgr dia dah mati...takpa sok sha teteye ganti dia kat court klang tu...

mizzyN said...


Hazey said...


I pun dari Kelang dan bersekolah di SM Convent, memang dia familiar sangat, no wonder dah tak kelihatan lately..rupanya dah 'tiada'..